Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bacon Genie

Have you been waiting for a "healthy way to cook bacon in the microwave?" With the Bacon Genie, simply hang the bacon on the bacon rack with the included bacon tongs and in minutes enjoy the "V" shaped result. Hopefully there may soon be a Bacon Genie Genie to make using the Bacon Genie even more easy and healthful. As an alternative, consider the Bacon Wave:

As you can see from the photo, cooking bacon has become astonishingly easy. Just beware of cheap imitations like Wow Bacon.

A question from this product's FAQ page (yes, there is a FAQ for this) suggests that it makes unsettling noises during use:

Sometimes while the bacon is cooking I hear fairly loud disruptive noises coming from the Broiler. Should I be concerned?"

Not to worry, friend. It is simply full of old grease from the last time you used it. Try not to be such a lazy slob. Or do you actually find that cleaning this contraption is a pain in the ass?

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